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Spam now 95% of all email

At its peak in the 3rd quarter of 2007, spam reach a new peak of 95% of all email. Our servers continue to identify 70% to 80% of inbound email as spam, so what does get through is only the tip of the iceberg.

The same report says that 8% of all email contains a “blended threat”: links to malicious websites which try to take over your computer, for example.

Spam and be fined — ignorance “no excuse”

Pitch Entertainment Group, which trades as Splash Mobile, has been fined $11,000 for sending commercial text messages without a working unsubscribe facility. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) also fined IMP Mobile $4400 for the same breach.

Pitch included opt-out instructions as soon as they realised they were breaking the law. However, “ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defence”, said ACMA chairman Chris Chapman. “All businesses sending commercial electronic messages must make sure that they and their staff fully understand the requirements of the Spam Act.”

Email 72% spam

Since we installed new spam filters last week, 72% of received email was identified as spam. 1.6% contained a virus or other malicious software.

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Upgraded spam filtering

Prussia.Net has just completed a major upgrade of our email systems. All hosting clients now have anti-virus scanning and improved spam filtering. For details, read the official announcement and the handy links.

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