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Mailman software to be discontinued

Prussia.Net will cease operating the Mailman mailing list software on 30 September 2011 at 5.00pm Sydney time. If you’re currently using Mailman, we’ll email you early next week to explain the migration plan.

Mailman is getting rather long in the tooth. It’s hard to use, and because it was designed for email-based discussion forums it has never worked very well for email marketing.

Besides, I’d rather not have bulk email sent from our servers, even if it’s not spam. Once Mailman is decommissioned we’ll tighten our terms and conditions regarding bulk email.

I strongly recommend that people use a modern email marketing system. We use Campaign Monitor and recommend it highly.

Politicians and Social Media: a catalogue of cluelessness

Screenshot of John Howard MySpace, 18 October 2007

Do Australia’s politicians really understand the Internet? If they way they use social media sites like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube is anything to go by, the answer is a resounding “no”!

Stilgherrian will be presenting Politicians and Social Media: a catalogue of cluelessness at the PodCamp UnConference in Perth on 27–28 October.

Email subjects: 56 characters

If your email’s going to catch someone’s attention, it needs a meaningful subject. Assume the recipient can only see the first 56 characters. That’s one of the tips in Effective Email Subject Lines, a new article at Web Marketing Today.

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