You know you have to back up your data—and of course you do that religiously, don’t you! Sure. But did you know you need to test those backups to make sure they’re working?

What if your server crashed and you needed to restore the data from backup—only to discover that the backups hadn’t been working for six months? Could your business survive? Imagine the cost of picking up the pieces!

Here’s just a few problems we’ve seen with backups:

  • Every Friday, the bookkeeper dutifully ran the program which copied the folder “MYOB” to a CD-ROM, which was safely stored off-site. Sadly for her, back on 1 July the MYOB files had been moved to the folder “MYOB Current”. The backups only contained last year’s data.
  • The backup system copied data from the server to a backup tape. But everyone’s email, in Outlook Express or Outlook, was still stored in the standard hidden folder on their own computers—which wasn’t backed up. In a disaster, they’d have lost all of their email—ever.
  • A backup system reported that the backup script had run. However over time this business’ data had grown so much that it didn’t fit on the backup drive. So only half of their data was being backed up.

Remember, a computer hard disc can fail without warning—and in an instant you’ll lose all of the data it holds. Forever.

You need to test your backup system at regular intervals to make sure it’s working. That means selecting a few representative files and seeing if you can copy them from your backup storage and open the successfully. And make sure those files cover all the types of data your business needs.

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