Businesses of all sizes can be targeted by hackers. This morning’s Sydney Morning Herald explains how the Sydney Opera House website was hacked so that it tried to infect visitors’ computers with software which would then log their keystrokes and risk capturing private data such as credit card numbers, names and addresses.

“In this day and age I don’t think any organisation should be surprised when someone hacks in. It’s just a sad state of the industry today, the threats are always changing,” says Sydney Opera House director of information systems Claire Swaffield.

“The lesson for us is organisations of any size can be targeted by hackers and we need to have a really high level of vigilance… this is just a part of the reality of operating in an online space,” she says.

The lesson for your business is that you can’t ignore these issues. Even if you think “My business doesn’t have any secret data”—which is usually wrong anyway—if you have a website then that website is delivering material to other people’s computers. It’s your responsibility to ensure that isn’t something nasty.