Job Vacancy: Client Technical Support

Prussia.Net needs a confident, well-rounded systems and network support person to help service our clients in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Whoever gets this job will visit our clients to install and maintain their systems and fix things when they break, as well as dealing with problems over the phone and by email. They’ll also maintain technical and administrative documentation, and maybe take on minor website maintenance tasks.

You’ll need IT skills, obviously. But you’ll also need to communicate effectively in English with small business people and home users from a wide variety of backgrounds. You’ll need to be someone we’d be happy to send to our most important clients.

You’ll need three years practical, up-to-date experience in computer hardware and software installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. This doesn’t have to have been in the workplace. Formal qualifications are nice but not essential.

The most important factor is your ability to confidently troubleshoot technical problems in front of a client while under time pressure.

You’ll understand that computers aren’t an end in themselves, but tools to achieve business or personal goals. “You need to upgrade” isn’t always the right answer.

Prussia.Net offers a relaxed, informal working environment, based from an inner-west home. We’ll negotiate an appropriate salary and review it regularly. Some after hours and “on call” work is required.


How to apply: Please email with “CLIENT TECHNICAL SUPPORT” in the subject line, and include:

  • Your resume.
  • The contact details of three referees—two of the usual kind, plus someone who knows you personally and can tell us what makes you tick.
  • A description of the coolest thing you’ve done with IT this year, and why it makes you special.
  • Evidence that you’ve actually read the Position Description.

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  1. So far we have 17 applicants for this job, but only one of them has passed our attention-to-detail test in the How to apply section. So if you’re thinking of applying, the fact that you’ve read this far means you’re already in the top 5%.

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