Email 72% spam

Since we installed new spam filters last week, 72% of received email was identified as spam. 1.6% contained a virus or other malicious software.

The statistics are actually much worse, because that figure represents only 1 attempted email delivery in 35. We reject the other 34 before they’ve even started trying to send email.

So if you think you see a lot of spam, imagine 35 times as much! And imagine how much Internet traffic is “wasted”.

Most of the malicious email was phishing — that is, attempts to fool you into revealing your passwords or credit card details.

If you’re a Prussia.Net Internet hosting client and need assistance filtering spam before you see it, please visit out Support Centre and open a new Ticket under “Hosting Support”.


  1. Stilgherrian

    It’s now a month since the new spam filters were installed. Mail Scanner has gotten better at detecting spam as it’s learned the profile of our email. It’s now identifying 77% of email as spam, and finding viruses and other malicious content in 2.3% of emails.

  2. Stilgherrian

    Coming up to two months and over half a million emails, we’ve settled into 80% of email being spam, and 2.1% containing malicious content.

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