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Spam now 95% of all email

At its peak in the 3rd quarter of 2007, spam reach a new peak of 95% of all email. Our servers continue to identify 70% to 80% of inbound email as spam, so what does get through is only the tip of the iceberg.

The same report says that 8% of all email contains a “blended threat”: links to malicious websites which try to take over your computer, for example.

Your money dot con

ABC Radio National’s Background Briefing has an excellent documentary on how the poor state of Internet security affects you. A must-listen.

“No one’s telling how much of our money is being stolen through the Internet because no one wants us to lose confidence in the system. The banks are making so much money out of it, they prefer to wear the costs or push them down to the customer. In the meantime, everyone has a story and global criminals are stalking our accounts, our phones and our PCs.”

Safari for Windows? Not yet!

Apple has released its Safari web browser for Windows. But don’t rush to install it. While Safari is pretty secure on Macs, within a day of its release for Windows the hackers have already found a serious security flaw.

The moral is, as always, don’t rush to have the “latest and greatest” software. Wait until it’s been exposed to the real worlkd for a while and the more serious bugs are ironed out.

Sydney Opera House hacked!

Businesses of all sizes can be targeted by hackers. This morning’s Sydney Morning Herald explains how the Sydney Opera House website was hacked so that it tried to infect visitors’ computers with software which would then log their keystrokes and risk capturing private data such as credit card numbers, names and addresses.

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Is you laptop creating a risk?

Mobile laptop users take more risks than deskbound colleagues, according to a recent report. The main risks: using potentially insecure networks like wireless hotspots, and forgetting that you’re now sending everything across the Internet.

Warning on “John Howard heart attack” email

An email that’s currently circulating purports to link to news of John Howard surviving a heart attack, but it’s actually malicious software designed to infect your computer. Do not click on the link in the email

Attacks hit small business

If you think small businesses aren’t targeted by Internet attacks, think again. Unscrupulous competitors can have your website taken offline for just a few hundred dollars.

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