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Changes to internet hosting services

There’s about to be some important changes to Prussia.Net’s internet hosting services. If you’re in a hurry, just read the bold text.

It’s a time of great change in the internet industry and, as it happens, for me personally. Over the coming month or so I’ll be working with you to ensure that our hosting services are right for your business needs or, if they’re not, make sure that you’re steered in the right direction.

The technical infrastructure for internet hosting is now a commodity. It’s now possible to get “free” hosting, provided you give away some of your privacy to marketers, or accept advertising, or do without technical support. Conversely, providing quality support can be more expensive, because the technical environment is more complex.

I wrote about this last year in two articles, Internet hosting: the cost of support and Internet hosting: the cost of reliability.

NEW PRICING STRUCTURE will offer two levels of support.

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Review of Internet Hosting service

Prussia.Net is reviewing how it provides internet hosting services—everything from the performance of the server we lease from our data centre ServePath and the support provided by Bobcares through to pricing and even the wording of the terms and conditions.

The first step in this review will be an email next Tuesday 16 March asking about your preferences for internet hosting and how it’s supported, and explaining the implications. Further details then.

Important changes to our IT Support services

Stilgherrian writes:

From Monday 1 September 2008, except in a very few cases, I won’t be doing any IT Support work personally. This article explains how things will work after that.

For two years now, I’ve been intending to operate in line with Prussia.Net’s slogan, Managing Information for Small Business. As I explained in Prussia.Net evolves, this is all really about your business information, not “just” computers. And it’s about a managed approach, not just fixing things when they break.

My personal role will be to do that planning and management. I’ll help you figure out what tools will most effectively support your business, and then select and manage the suppliers who’ll make it happen. I’ll also be working more on web development, and especially the new “Web 2.0” and “social media” tools.

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Prussia.Net evolves

There’s a new emphasis at Prussia.Net, summed up in our new slogan: Managing Information for Small Business.

If you’re a client already, we’ll still take care of you just as we have. But from now on we’ll be thinking about you and your business within this new framework.

It’s about information, not “just” computers. It’s about a managed approach, not just fixing things when they break. And it’s about understanding your needs as a small business.

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