We’re upgrading some software on our main web server during a scheduled maintenance session this Sunday 13 September 2009 from 0100 to 0400 AEST.

This is a 3-hour period, but the actual downtime will almost certainly be much shorter: a few bursts of a few minutes each. We’re just giving our installation team ample time to deal with any unexpected problems.

During the downtime, your websites hosted with Prussia.Net will not be visible.

Email will continue to flow normally, however, and this work won’t affect our project system at prussia.projectpath.com nor the email marketing system at prussia.createsend.com.

What we’re doing:

  • Updating your hosting account’s control panel “cPanel” at prussia.net/securecontrolpanel to add new features, including video tutorials.

  • Upgrading the PHP programming language to provide PHP5 as well as PHP4—a move which is long overdue. This will be of interest to your web developer, so make sure you pass along this information.

  • Upgrading our support system’s SupportSuite software at prussia.net/support to the latest version.

Please make sure you tell your web developer that we are upgrading to PHP5.

There is a very small chance that custom website scripts written in PHP may encounter problems, especially if they were written some time ago, and you will need to stay with PHP4.

Since we’re upgrading our Support Centre website prussia.net/support, we will take longer than usual to respond to support requests on Sunday.

If you or your web developer have any concerns, please let us know immediately by emailing support@prussia.net to open a new job ticket.

If we haven’t dealt directly with your web developer before, you must email us their full name and email address and authorise them to speak to us about your account, otherwise we will not do so. This is a standard security measure.

If you do need to stay with PHP4, it is very simple to revert.

Once the new cPanel goes live, there will be a button in the “Software/Services” section labelled “PHP Configuration”. This allows you to switch between PHP5 and PHP4.

If Prussia.Net developed your website, we will email you individually this afternoon to explain how this change affects you.

We will email you again on Sunday morning to confirm that everything went according to plan, and to explain the new features.

This is the first in a series of upgrades which will eventually result in a more powerful server to host your websites, better anti-spam and anti-virus defences, and more flexible and responsive technical support. We’ll be telling you more about all that over the coming weeks.