FAULT REPORT: Support System

We’re currently experiencing a problem with the Prussia.Net Support System at prussia.net/support.

[UPDATE Monday 19 January 2009, 9.20pm Sydney time: This problem has now been resolved.]

[UPDATE Tuesday 24 February 2009, 2.30pm Sydney time: The problem has returned with this month’s license key not arriving. We expect the problem to be resolved by 2pm Wednesday.]

Email sent to the support addresses (support@prussia.net, itsupport@prussia.net, webdev@prussia.net and admin@prussia.net) is arriving, but is not being transferred into the support system database. Also, if you visit the support website you will see the error message: “License Error: Key file has expired” and won’t be able to log in.

It may take 24 to 36 hours to resolve the problem. Meanwhile, we will be checking the support emails manually and acting upon them outside the system.

Please continue to email your support requests to the appropriate email address.

If your issue is particularly urgent, i.e. it must be processed before 9am Monday (Sydney time), please call +61 2 9557 5545 and leave voicemail. Please leave your name, phone number, email address and full details of the problem.

This problem does not affect any other hosted system.

The following systems are all working normally: the Internet Hosting control panel at prussia.net/securecontrolpanel, webmail at prussia.net/webmail, the project management system (Basecamp) at prussia.projectpath.com, the mailing list manager at prussia.createsend.com and all websites and email.

The problem was caused by a damaged license key for the Kayako SupportSuite software which powers our support system. We have requested a replacement key, but it may take 24 to 36 hours to arrive.


  1. Stilgherrian

    We’re still awaiting the arrival of our replacement license key. I’m guessing that part of the organisation doesn’t work on weekends.

  2. Stilgherrian

    This problem has been resolved. The Support System should now be operating normally.

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