There’s a new emphasis at Prussia.Net, summed up in our new slogan: Managing Information for Small Business.

If you’re a client already, we’ll still take care of you just as we have. But from now on we’ll be thinking about you and your business within this new framework.

It’s about information, not “just” computers. It’s about a managed approach, not just fixing things when they break. And it’s about understanding your needs as a small business.

It’s about information, not computers

Computers are just the components we use to build information systems—along with software, cables, procedures and (most importantly!) people.

As a business manager, you shouldn’t waste your time worrying about mere components. Your job is to think the Big Picture.

  • Is your information always accurate and available when you or your customers need it?
  • Is your information kept private, visible only to the people who are meant to have access?
  • Are you constantly improving your systems to match the pace of change in your business environment, so you stay ahead of your competitors?
  • Are you protected against problems?
  • Are you doing all of this in a cost-effective way?

Systems need to be managed

If you own a car, you know it needs servicing. If you skip oil changes to “save money”, you’ll pay for expensive repairs later. The same goes for computer systems. Skimp on the maintenance and things will break—and they’ll take a lot longer to fix.

You need to plan ahead. If a computer crashes, it could take days to restore all the functions. If you need your computers to keep servicing your clients—and what business doesn’t these days?—then you need to recover faster than that. And that means having a plan in place.

“Planning” requires management—and that’s where Prussia.Net comes in. Over the coming weeks we’ll announce services designed specifically for your needs as a small business.

Why “small business”?

You know, we could spin you a yarn about how small business is the engine-room of the economy, about how small business is a growth sector for IT. And that’s all true—but it’s not the real reason.

Prussia.Net works with small businesses because we don’t like working with arseholes.

Oh, and the explosion of the Internet and “convergence” and 3G digital telephone networks mean that small businesses can manage their information (knowledge is power!) and communicate with customers more effectively than ever before.

So if you’d like us to help your small business Do Good Stuff, contact us. You know it makes sense.