Prussia.Net is migrating internet hosting clients to a new server across this weekend, Saturday 25 through Monday 27 September 2010. If you’re having problems, please read the emails with subjects starting “SERVER UPGRADES” which have been sent during the week.

If you’re having a particular problem with email, read on… and follow our Twitter feed for real-time updates.

If you still have email problems for more than an hour after the scheduled move time—you’d have been emailed about that on Saturday—here’s what to do. Unless you run your own mail server, in which case you’re on your own.

  • Check to see if your website is online. If it isn’t, it means we hit an unexpected problem with your account and you’ll just need to wait a little longer. Sorry.

  • If the website is online, check your email server settings. If your primary domain is, then both the incoming server (POP3 or IMAP) and the outgoing server (SMTP) should be — that is, your domain without the www, but with mail instead. Some clients may have this set to, which would have been done for testing. If that’s what you’ve got, that’s the problem.

  • If changing server settings doesn’t fix it, open a job ticket. Since your email is broken, you’ll have to use a different email account to email, or go to the website at and open a ticket in the “internet hosting” queue.

  • ... OR YOU CAN JUST WAIT IT OUT. The problem will eventually go away of its own accord, even if your server is set to But that might take up to 24 hours after we finish the migration. Up to you.

That said, there’s only a small chance this will affect you.

And you may get some more spam this weekend.

Our UK-based security consultant won’t be fine-tuning the spam filters until Monday evening our time. Sorry, but you’ll probably see more spam than usual until he’s finished.