There’s about to be some important changes to Prussia.Net’s internet hosting services. If you’re in a hurry, just read the bold text.

It’s a time of great change in the internet industry and, as it happens, for me personally. Over the coming month or so I’ll be working with you to ensure that our hosting services are right for your business needs or, if they’re not, make sure that you’re steered in the right direction.

The technical infrastructure for internet hosting is now a commodity. It’s now possible to get “free” hosting, provided you give away some of your privacy to marketers, or accept advertising, or do without technical support. Conversely, providing quality support can be more expensive, because the technical environment is more complex.

I wrote about this last year in two articles, Internet hosting: the cost of support and Internet hosting: the cost of reliability.

NEW PRICING STRUCTURE will offer two levels of support.

To make things clearer, I’m splitting our internet hosting services into two pricing streams. The deals on offer will be the same technically. Indeed they’ll run on the same servers. But they’ll differ in the level of support.

  1. UNMANAGED HOSTING includes technical support via email and the web. The new pricing will be a little cheaper than you pay now, or provide more capacity for the same price. This is for clients who are comfortable dealing with the technology, either personally or via their web designer, developer or other consultant.

  2. MANAGED HOSTING includes additional support, advice and planning. It’s for clients who want someone to take care of all this technical stuff and get on with their business. The pricing will depend on your exact needs, including hours of coverage, target response times, and what additional services you require.

NEW RATES WILL BE PUBLISHED ON 7 JULY 2011, along with an article explaining the difference between unmanaged and managed hosting.

There’s no need to rush. You’ll have three months to decide whether you want to choose managed or unmanaged hosting — that’s until 30 September 2011. You’ll continue to be billed at your “old” rate until you make the choice. And if you’ve paid in advance, we’ll adjust things appropriately.

New billing processes

  1. New billing cycle. Starting on 14 June, we’ll email our invoices for internet hosting on the 14th of the month rather than the 15th, and they’ll be payable on the 28th. They’ll cover the following calendar month—or quarter or year, if you pay quarterly or annually. You will probably see an adjustment on your next invoice to bring things into line with the new cycle.

  2. Automatic credit card or direct debit payment will be required, at least for unmanaged internet hosting accounts. We’ll email you separately about setting that up, but in brief we’ll charge you automatically on the 28th of the month. Again, you’ll have until 30 September 2011 to get that organised.

  3. New late payment procedures. Our escalation process for late payments will be updated to reflect the automated payment process.

If you have any questions, please do ask. Email and it will automatically open a job ticket in our system. I’ll get back to you within two working days.

Kind regards, and Good Fortune for the new financial year.